Take Control of Your Data

Let Windswept Software help you take control of your data. Windswept Software specializes in converting spreadsheets, flat files, and data from other sources in to custom databases that can be mined for data. We can also expand on existing reporting with Microsoft Access or Crystal Reports.

Data Encryption

Do you need to transmit sensitive data across the Internet? Windswept software can build you a custom solution to encrypt your data so it can be sent safely across the Internet via email or FTP. We can also automate the task of exporting data from your existing database, encrypting it and sending it to another source.

Windows Automation

Do you have existing solutions that you would like to leverage for more productivity? Windswept Software can expand on what you already have by automating tasks with Microsoft Office.


Are you thinking of installing a new, off the shelf software component and need training? Windswept Software will work with the vendor to develop a comprehensive training curriculum for your staff.