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Two Handed Solitaire

Everyone knows how to play Klondike Solitaire. Whether you know it by name or not this is the game everyone thinks of when they think of Solitiare. You have seven stacks across the top and four Ace stacks. You turn the cards over three at a time and if you're lucky you will win 1 out of 10 games.

The game of Two Handed Solitaitre is played similar to Klondike Solitare except for two important differences. First, there are only four stacks of cards instead of seven. The remaining 42 cards are devided between you and your opponent. Second, in addition to playing cards on the four table stacks or ace stacks you are allowed to play on your opponent's hand. This not only makes for interesting game play but it also insures that most games are played to completion. The first player to play all of their cards wins.

 Network Play 
Two Handed Solitaire is now network ready. You can connect to other players in two ways. First, there is The Windswept Game Network. The Windswept Game Network allows you to easily find other Solitaire players to play with. Once you log on you will see a list of tables waiting for opponents. Just click Join Game and you will be connected with that player. If no players are waiting you can create a new table and wait for someone to join. The second way to play a network game is with a Direct Connection. The direct connection is designed for closed networks in a home or office. All you need to know is the name of the computer your opponent is on, click a few buttons, and in no time at all you're playing.

 Download Two Handed Solitaire 
There are two copies to chose from. They are both the same game but one of the copies is larger than the other. If you know that you have the Visual Basic 6 runtime files already on your machine then you can download the smaller file. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, or you're just not sure, then download the larger file and save yourself some potential headaches.

Visual Basic 6 Runtime Files

If you already have the VB6 Runtime files click here to download. (578KB)

If you don't have the VB6 Runtime files, or you're not sure, click here to download. (2,088KB)

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